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I’m sure it’s somewhat obvious at this point that one of my favorite ‘Self Help’ authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’ve read most of his books, have listened to ALL of them ( I did a lot of commuting and audio books saved my life, now I listen to them via iPod). Here is a listing of some of my favorite authors, which I would recommend to anyone!

Dr. Wayne Dyer- he’s written over 30 books. His latest book is called ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life’. It’s based on all 82 verses of the Tao. He actually created a small paperback that you can carry with you that’s called ‘Living the Wisdom of the Tao’. The two books prior to this one were Inspiration,Your Ultimate Calling’ and The Power of Intention’. And for anyone with kids, he also has three children’s books that are great to read with your kids, the last kids book he wrote is especially important with what our children have to deal with. The three kids books are: Incredible You, Unstoppable Me and It’s Not What You’ve Got.

Marianne Williamson- If you’ve been a fan of the self help genre like myself, you probably remember the book Marianne Williamson wrote in the early 90’s called A Return to Love. This was the first I had heard of Marrianne, but I worked in the book industry for about 10 years (which is where this crazy addiction began) and her book was New York Times best seller for quite awhile. Most of the books I’ve read I’ve also purchased on audio, like I did with this one. If I had to summarize this book quickly, it would be that the only real thing is love. Marianne also is teaches the information from A Course in Miracles and is on Oprah’s xm radio show once a week. I just finished listening to her latest book. Age of Miracles, and have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly! She’s definitely lightened up a bit over the years and this book shows it. What she addresses in this book is what she calls a “second puberty”. I don’t recall if she gives a specific age with this, but basically it’s when the kids are grown, careers are settled and you hit the “now what” stage of your life. I actually bought this for my mom, who has felt a connection to Marianne Williamson’s work the way I do with Wayne Dyer, but asked to listen to it when she was through. Outstanding read for any woman, at any age. She also has a wonderful book of prayers called Illuminata. Something to keep by the bedside and pick up when you see fit.

Esther and Jerry Hicks- Esther and Jerry Hicks might be a little more out there for some people, but it’s very interesting reading and even more interesting to listen to on audio or watch a dvd. Years before ‘The Secret’ came out Esther and Jerry Hicks were talking about the Law of Attraction (which is one of the titles of their books). What makes them so interesting is that years ago (20 years I think), Esther and Jerry tapped into an interdimensional voice that answered life’s most perplexing questions. They call this voice ‘Abraham’ (a collective consciousness). I love listening to their live lectures where they interact with audience members who ask questions directly to Abraham (through Esther). Like I said before, it may be a little too esoteric for some people- but if you’re even remotely interested in the Law of Attraction, you need to read or listen to Esther and Jerry Hicks. Some of their other books are The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide, Ask and It is Given, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The Law Of Attraction, and the Teachings of Abraham.

Carolyn Myss- Sacred Contracts was the first book I read by Carolyn Myss, and I think it was about 7 years ago. It was probably one of the first books that I read and listened to that was spiritually based as opposed to motivational (you know- Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napolean Hill, etc.). The idea behind this book is that we all come into this world with “Sacred Contracts” that we need to fulfill. According to Myss, “A Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born. You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requries that you discover what you are meant to do.” (Just writing this makes me want to listen to this again!). She goes into detail about our personal archetypes and their characteristics. I saw Carolyn live in San Francisco last fall when she was touring with her latest book, Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God. Some of her other books are Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Invisible Acts of Power: Channeling Grace (one of my favorites) and Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power.

Dr. Brian Weiss- I literally cannot get enough of this guy! I’m becoming a bit of a nut. So I started with his first book, Many Lives, Many Masters. I read that about a month ago, after having seen him on Oprah. The episode was about past life regression, very interesting. I had never read anything about it and was totally fascinated watching what occurred when he did the regression with people and how it helped them afterwards. What’s really interesting about him is that he’s an MD, psychiatrist and came from a very scientific place (I believe he went to Yale and was head of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami). He sort of fell into past life regression with one patient of his (although, if you like this stuff, you know we don’t really ‘fall’ into these things! :-) ), which is what the first book is all about. It took him four years to actually write the book because he was concerned about what it would do to his career. After I finished the first book I read Messages from the Masters and Only Love is Real. In Only Love is Real he has two patients that initially don’t know each other, but through their regressions he realizes they were together mulitple times in previous lives. And of course they end up together…but not by his doing.

I’m currently reading Same Soul Many Bodies, which is about going into the future, not regressing to the past. I just started it….but am about to go read some more when I’m finished here. Even if you’re not sure where you stand on reincarnation- these books are wonderful. Some very powerful and meaningful messages. I think that’s why I’m SO drawn to them….I feel at peace when I read them. Plus…..it’s just interesting! I plan on seeing him live in San Francisco this November. I’d better buy some more copies of the books to get signed though…..I’ve been reading in the pool and they tend to get a bit soggy, thus becoming a tad wrinkled.

Other Books (some non-self help….random suggestions)

The Pixar Touch- the making of a company

For anyone who has ever wanted to start a business, work from home, start something new or just go after a dream you’ve always had-this book is a great read. I’m about half way through this and am thoroughly enjoying it. A lot of times non-fiction books that are about businesses tend to be dry, but not this one. This book reads like a novel. It’s not often you hear about people who are so totally focused on their passion that they consistently work 12 to 13 hours a day- just because they love it. The people behind Pixar did this for years before the company actually became Pixar and started earning money. Their dedication and love for their craft is inspiring to say the least.

I have been completely fascinated with the people who are involved with this story and John Lasseter’s committment to keeping focused on what Walt Disney was committed to when he created Disneyland and all of the magic that goes with it. Great book- well worth the read!

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Ok- so I know this book has been out for DAYS, but I don’t care. It is SUCH a great book! While this is a book for women- I have to give kudos to any man who decides to crack open this book.

Any woman who has ever wondered, “is this all there is?” or something to that effect- you’ll adore this book. The honesty with which Gilbert writes is amazing. She really has a gift- her use of words is just wonderful. I laughed out loud and cried along with her. You really feel like you’re traveling with her to Italy, India and Bali. As much as you want to know what really happened between her and her ex-husband, it just makes you love her that much more for her integrity in keeping the dirt to herself.

When I was reading the book I was in awe of her vulnerability. I remember thinking at one point how brave it was of her to be so incredibly honest, knowing that her family (aka her parents) would read this book. I’d like to say that my favorite part of the book was her time in Italy, but each part of the book was so unique and served it’s own purpose so well that it’s hard to pick a favorite. When reading about her time in India, I wondered if I would or could ever have THAT MUCH DISCIPLINE! I don’t know….fortunately we don’t have to gauge the future from past experience.

My last recommendation to this post about this wonderful book would be to get the audio. Not only does Elizabeth Gilbert have a way with words, but hearing her actually read her own words makes you feel like you know her.

I can’t say enough good things about his book- just read it.

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