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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I really think I have a firm understanding of this ‘allowing’ thing….It’s really easy to allow things when life isĀ  flowing and you feel that everything is going the way it’s supposed to. It’s when you feel the contrast [...]

I was listening to the new audio by Abraham-Hicks today (Money and the Law of Attraction) and actually laughed out loud at one of the answers Abraham gave to a question regarding a career choice and the opinion of a ’significant’ other. I don’t remember the question verbatim, but it was one in a line [...]

I’m still on vacation and finished reading the novel I brought with me, so of course I needed a trip to the bookstore so I’d have something to do on the beach after being thoroughly beaten up by the waves. I intended to get another book by the author I had just read, but the [...]

Your Business and the Law of Attraction
So here is the recording of my first teleseminar with Hemal called “Your Business and the Law of Attraction”. I hosted this with Hemal on July 28th. If you haven’t visited the Law of Attraction page on this site, you can read more about Hemal there, but he also [...]

I sort of go back and forth between listening to music and listening to books on CD in my car, it just depends on my mood and how long I’ll be in the car. I was heading over last week to get a massage and dinner with two of girlfriends (a surprise birthday outing), so [...]

So we had the second teleseminar today (by we I mean Hemal, of http://manifestingandlawofattraction.com), which is really more like Hemal having a teleseminar, where I get the opportunity to ask the questions and more or less be his co-pilot. Today was really about the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction, and what I realized is [...]