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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!You always know as a parent that you want your kids to be happy, and of course when they’re happy, you’re happy. As my kids get older, the moments of pure joy seem to less easy to come by…(not [...]

This was the next thought in the “Ten Thoughts for Whole Living” section of the September issue of Body & Soul magazine. Here’s the next thought: “Becoming aware of your habits is key to an intentional life”. As I read this thought, I realized which habits I was very aware of and which habits I [...]

So I had a TOTALLY proud mom moment that I just had to share. I took my son with me to turn in a bunch of recycling last weekend (I finally broke down and decided to turn in our cans and water bottles…$40!).  I had foot surgery a few weeks ago, so I needed him [...]

I sort of go back and forth between listening to music and listening to books on CD in my car, it just depends on my mood and how long I’ll be in the car. I was heading over last week to get a massage and dinner with two of girlfriends (a surprise birthday outing), so [...]

So lately I’ve become crazy busy with everything I’m doing on the web. Don’t get me wrong- I couldn’t be happier. I’m literally walking around saying “Thank you” in my head as often as I can, because being able to do something I enjoy so much, which never feels like work, really is a blessing. [...]

So we got back from vacation late last night. Nothing too terribly exotic- but beautiful none the less. We went to Couer d’Lene in Idaho. An absolutely beautiful area- I’d have to honestly say I couldn’t find a single thing that wasn’t enjoyable about the area. It was one of those trips that was fun, [...]

So I should probably give a little more background as to how the whole teleseminar came about, especially because it ties directly in with the content of the teleseminar itself.
I started working online and getting involved with getting a website (or two or three) up at the very beginning of this year. I had gotten [...]