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First off, a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. We actually celebrated Father’s Day with my family yesterday- we had a barbeque, swam and just enjoyed the nice summer weather ( getting a little too nice- it was pretty hot. But I’m not complaining- I LOVE summer!). I had a couple of moments yesterday that just made me sit back and realize how fortunate I am for the people in my life- and my Dad is definitely one of them. We spent the better part of the morning putting together my new BBQ- although we shook hands prior to starting, agreeing we wouldn’t argue or get frustrated with one another (we tend to butt heads…..probably just because we’re both so head strong!). Towards the end of the assembling (which went smoothly- even though we were roasting in the garage), my son came in to help us. I had to stop and get the camera to take a few pictures of my Dad and son, working peacefully next to one another, feeling so grateful that my Dad has never complained about being more than just a grandfather to my kids (who lost their father 5 years ago). It brings me such joy to see the pleasure he takes in just spending time with all of his grandchildren.

I’m also fortunate enough to have my maternal grandfather here as well. Both my grandmother and grandfather are still here and came over to enjoy the day with us yesterday. They’re 83 and 85. My grandfather even got in the pool to cool off and enjoyed a little bit of a swim with us. It’s always so fun to see the kids get so excited whenever one of the adults gets in to swim- at one point, all the guys were in the pool with all the kids (my dad, uncle, brother and grandfather). It was truly a day to appreciate the simple things in life- for which I’m very grateful.

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One Response to “Grateful…..for my Dad”

On 06/30/08 at 11:30 pm
Suzy said:

I’m grateful for you dad too and all of the times he took us camping while we were growing up! I learned all of my camping skills that I’m teaching my own kids from your dad. I also have quite a few stories to share :) Happy Father’s Day!!

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