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So I should probably give a little more background as to how the whole teleseminar came about, especially because it ties directly in with the content of the teleseminar itself.

I started working online and getting involved with getting a website (or two or three) up at the very beginning of this year. I had gotten interested with internet marketing and online business in general about two years ago. Life happens, and two years later I was able to start devoting serious time to everything I had been reading, listening to (you gotta love mp3 files!) and following. I started a coaching program dedicated to social networking in January- before I had any website. Through that I found someone who has his own company and his product is a great CMS (content management system). So between meeting Pete (he’s my web guy in Canada…I’m in California), starting the coaching program, coming back to Wordpress with this site and meeting David (he’s in Oregon…my other ‘web guy’) some amazing things have been happening….. I just thought I’d sort of bullet point what has transpired these last few months (nothing really started happening until around March).

* Have two websites up- this one and http://www.getouttaretail.com (with another one in development)

* Did my first teleseminar with Hemal last saturday (7/12)

* Am building 2 websites for OTHER people (which will probably be more like 4 or 5 within a couple weeks)

* Have my first ebook completed! WOO HOO! Just today….it’s for the other site, but I’ll put it on this site too.

* Have made some AMAZING friends….in London, Texas, Canada, and Oregon (you’ll hear much more about all of these people soon!)

* Through a couple of great groups on Facebook am learning a ton more and meeting even more fabulous people.

* Actually sort of understand HTML…..what the? Really…..I can sort of fix things myself now.

And that’s just to name a few! I can honestly say that all of this has come about because I’m am SOOOOO loving what I’m doing. It’s creative, I’m constantly learning, meeting new people, will be able to help other people and I can make a living doing it! Working from home no less. I am , without a doubt, incredibly grateful for where I am….at this very moment.

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