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The gym I belong to just opened it’s new building today, complete with a rock climbing wall. So, of course I signed myself up for a class to learn how to use the climbing wall ( I also signed my sister up, but we couldn’t make it to a class at the same time). All I can say is…”My arms are feelin’ it!”. I’ve seen people do the indoor rock climbing before and it looked like fun, so, since everything you read about fitness these days talks about the importance of mixing up your routine, I figured, “Why not?”. The instructor was really nice (although she was a little hard to hear over the music blasting…the rock wall is in the same room as the new weight equipment), we first had to sign our lives away promising we wouldn’t sue the gym if we fell to our deaths or broke something. After that she went through showing us how the harness works (so much fun putting a harness on when you have to let the slack OUT…. and then tighten…I digress), not too bad. A little uncomfortable when you’re just standing there, but so grateful for it when you’re up 20 ft. Next we spent some time unhooking the…..cable? from the wall (I forgot what it’s called already…I’m getting old!), we did this a few times, which is good because it’s a little trickier than it looks. Before we attempted climbing the wall the instructor showed us how to let go and fall back- much easier when you’re only a few feet off the ground as opposed to halfway up the wall (when did I turn into such a skirt?). Finally, we climbed the wall. Let me just tell you that it’s much harder than it looks!!! I got almost to the top and decided to sort of climb down before I just let go. The second time up I did a little better letting go, but not much. I prefer to climb down a bit until I’m more comfortable….or am climbing with my sister so I won’t feel like such a complete dink. So, long story longer….I will definitely be climbing again soon! I think I may even invest in some climbing shoes….at least I’ll look the part!

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