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So I clearly am enjoying referencing the Ten Thoughts on Whole Living from the September issue of Body & Soul magazine. I figured I may as well finish all ten thougts, huh? Here’s the fourth thought: “True release comes form sustained relaxation”.

This is BIG one for me! I have a tendency to go, go, go….and then all of the sudden I hit a wall. I remember hearing something by Zig Ziglar a long time ago (it was an audio). And it was something like,” When you’re at work you’re wishing you were at home with the family and when you’re at home with the family you’re thinking you should be getting more work done………no wonder you’re never getting anywhere…..you’re always traveling”. Of course it’s more meaningful if you hear it with the southern drawl that Zig Ziglar speaks with, but it’s such a great point!

Taking time to rest and relax is just as important as all of our “to-do’s” and lists. When I start getting so busy that my list doesn’t seem to be getting much smaller, I realize that it’s time to take a break, because things don’t feel as good as they should. The never ending list starts creating “WORK”….and I’ve finally found something that I enjoy so much it has just taken a hold of me. I don’t want it to start feeling like work…ever. So that’s when I make sure to take some time to lay in the pool and read a book, take an afternoon nap or lay with the kids and read a book for a while. Inevitably, when I’ve taken the time to relax, I’ve released the tension, or tightness that I was starting to feel and my list looks like fun again.

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