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I’ve never really been one of those people who LOVES to nap….but sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do. Because yesterday was a holiday, both of my kids were home and we had a lot to do in the morning. It was a long weekend (we had two 11 year old girls sleep over Sat. night….we were all tired), I had worked a little over the weekend and had a paper to post by midnight last night. Before I was really able to get my paper started I had a friend come over so I could help her with one of her websites. Needless to say, all I really accomplished for my paper was the research and most of the reading. My friend had to leave unexpectedly, so I decided to take my work into my room and lay on my bed and read for a while. That lasted about 40 minutes. It was a little bit chilly yesterday, my house was quiet and I was tired, so, I told my daughter I was going to lay down and to please wake me up around 4:30 (it was 3:30). So, I climbed in bed with no worries and before I knew it my daughter was waking me up. I told her thanks and that I was going to just lay in bed for a bit……well, next thing I knew it was 6:00 pm! The beauty of it though was that I just decided to get up, had dinner with the kids and started my paper around 7pm. It was done and posted by about 9:30, and I can honestly say that I think the writing went more smoothly because I had rested during the day and wasn’t worried. But more importantly than getting the paper accomplished was that I TRULY enjoyed the nap. My bed was comfortable, the house was quiet and I just didn’t feel any pressure about having to get up. What a gift!

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