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So I got a message from my body a week or so ago….basically it was a reminder that I’m not 20 anymore (actually haven’t been for a while) and that I can’t stay up into the wee hours of the morning, then get up early and go about my day as usual. This is the third week my kids have been back to school, so the first week is when I pushed myself a bit to much. Soccer also started the same week, so we were of course running around for the whole week.

As things have been picking up with my business, I find myself back on the computer late at night (I guess that’s probably the only downfall to working for yourself, doing something that never feels like work). I tend to be a creature of habit, so when my sleep was cut from about 7-8 hours a night to 6 or less- it caught up to me. After a week of this schedule, I ended up getting pretty sick. Sore throat, congestion, cough, aches, the works. Which is pretty much the only time I get sick….when I’m not getting enough rest. So, by pushing myself (although it didn’t feel like it at the time) I ended up losing a lot of time last week. At lot more than I would’ve lost had I just gone to bed earlier. Oh well. Lesson learned!

Needless to say, I’m back on a better schedule and am taking the time out of my day for rest, meditation and exercise. Taking the time to do these things ensures I will have the strength and energy to do everything else.

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