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This past weekend I had my girlfriends over for a ’sleepover’…yes, at 38 we still like having sleepovers! But before everyone came over we went and got massages. I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but I am a COMPLETE massage junkie! I would take a good massage over, well…..a lot of things (nothing great comes to mind).  I actually have sort of a regular masseuse that I go to at the spa in town. Unfortunately, she was booked during the time that I had my appointment, so I went with someone else. No regrets. The massage was good, but it wasn’t great. I’ve gotten so used to the other masseuse and the way she does things that I have to admit I’m becoming a little bit of a massage snob. However, what I get from the massage can definitely be described as ‘physical self help’ (yes, I made that up…..). While  someone else is clearly doing the massaging, spending the money on myself for this physical reward is worth every penny!

I’ve found that the massage does just as much for me mentally as it does physically (well, almost). I love to get 90 minute massages (who doesn’t?), and the spa that I go to is fairly reasonable for the price (I think it’s $95 for 90 minutes….which I’ve paid way more for a 50 minute massage at some hotels….and they have never been as good). What this does for me is it allows me to just sort of slow down my brain for a while. Like most other people, I have a lot going on in my life. I spend the majority of my work day on the computer so my neck is constantly tight. Because the work I’m doing is for my own company, it’s kind of hard to shut it off- and I love what I’m doing. So when I get a massage I really make a conscious choice to relax, breath deeply and enjoy the quiet.  I usually leave feeling in a very calm place….even if I have to get back to my ‘things to do today’ list- I’m able to enjoy what I’m doing, get more accomplished and at a less huried pace.

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