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I’ve finally reached a point in my life where not only the quantity of sleep I get is important, but the quality is key too! I remember the days when I could stay out late (not needing to get home to a babysitter/tuck kids in, etc.),get 4 or 5 hours of sleep and still get up on time, go to work and have a productive day. Not anymore. If I’m out to dinner with friends I literally have to think about what I have to do the next day, how tired I am, what I ate, etc. , before having another glass of wine or cocktail! When did this happen????? Who knows…..what’s probably more telling is that I don’t care. I truly value my sleep these days (I’m sure my kids value it too….their lives are much more pleasant when I’m in a good mood).

I have also created somewhat of a bedtime ritual for myself as well. Frightening ,isn’t it? Not so much….it’s not too rigid. Just a warm bath, some bubbles and a book. As far as the book goes, the obvious choice would be some sort of self-help type book (or how to…)- but, it really depends on my mood. Even for someone obsessed with information (I also wonder- when did that happen??? Actually it just sort of evolved!)-I read a novel every now and then. Oh- and of course in addition to my plethera of books, I’m bit of a magazine junkie. I have my phases with those too- but there’s usually the good ol’ standby’s: O magazine, Body & Soul, Self, Shape, Millionaire Blueprints, and when I really want to shut my brain off- People (just to name a few).

And of course, after my tub I am a complete fanatic about lotion. I just got a new body butter- Moonlight Path- pretty nice, but one of my favorites is Vanilla & Bergamot body butter by Bliss. (What a random post this is tonight!)

And lastly, if I’m having trouble sleeping, a couple Tylenol PM and a meditation CD by Wayne Dyer does the trick.

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