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Well, my pilates books have arrived. Definitely worth the money ( I think it was about $35 for two books, not too bad. Especially not compared to a private training session at the gym!). I’ve gone through the books and now have to either memorize the moves, write them down, or figure out a way to ’sneak’ them into the gym. What a dink, huh? While I’m trying to figure out how to get the books into the gym (it’s not like they’re that huge- you would think I was trying to smuggle in a baby elephant), I actually was able to master a little of the new equipment yesterday when I went in to use the machines and someone else was having a private session with a trainer (having paid a small fortune to use the machines myself, I’m allowed to use them anytime there’s not a class- even if the class isn’t full, I have to leave. Yes, a little pet peeve of mine).

I quietly walk into the Pilates studio with my reformer pass, say good morning and start getting situated. While I’m putting on my iPod, I see the trainer pulling one of the new machines out from the wall (I’ll get the names of these things next time I post something!). You gotta love mirrors! So, I just take my time adjusting the reformer and do everything I can to simply WATCH what she was doing! Duh! I know, not necessarily Einstein, but I was thrilled to get a new move……for FREE! It was one of those moves that while it’s not hard to do, provides some serious strength training. Now to figure out when some more private sessions are taking place.

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