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So I finished the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss. Unfortunately, I loved it so much that I gave the book to my mom to read before I could quote a few things I wanted to share here. There’s definitely something about this book that grabbed me and took a hold of me. I’ve already ordered another one of his books through Amazon (the bookstore was out) and am anxiously awaiting it. I did however find another one of his books with called Mirrors of Time- Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing. It included a past-life regression CD. I put the CD in at night before I went to bed, which probably wasn’t the best idea (it creeped me out a bit- especially when my bedroom door slammed shut….the wind, but it still threw me). I don’t remember much of it because I fell asleep (Brian Weiss has a very soothing voice)- but I had some VERY strange dreams that night. One actually woke me up- the kind where you have to lay still for a moment and remind yourself it was just a dream. I’m going to try it again when I’m not so tired- in the daytime.

What I really wanted to share were some of the lessons that Brian Weiss received through his patient from the Masters. The messages were intended for him. He also had some dreams after he stopped treating the patient who started him on this journey which were extremely profound. I’ll be picking up another copy of the book to share something a little more ’specific’ tomorrow!

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One Response to “More on Brian Weiss”

On 06/30/08 at 11:34 pm
Suzy said:

wow- I just finished this book yesterday & it is definitely a book that is a life transformer – i’m glad to know of the next book he wrote. we are going to have to have some more discussions on this. let me know if you have any online discussions about this.

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