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I was listening to the new audio by Abraham-Hicks today (Money and the Law of Attraction) and actually laughed out loud at one of the answers Abraham gave to a question regarding a career choice and the opinion of a ’significant’ other. I don’t remember the question verbatim, but it was one in a line of questions that had to do with finding your life’s work and choosing a career. Before I get to the answer that Abraham gave that made me laugh out loud, I have to add a comment on the “life’s work” question.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has questioned what it is I should “do” with my life or what my life’s purpose is- and it was great to hear Abraham almost laugh at the notion that we are supposed to have one and only one thing that we want to do with our life. I have NEVER had a definitive idea as to what it was I was supposed to do, I’ve only known that I wanted to do something on my own (there’s a quality of life when you control your time that you just can’t put a price on) and that I need to be able to grow, work with other people, be creative and help people along the way. As I’ve let go of what it is I’m “supposed” to do, I’ve found something that I “love” to do! And for now, that’s enough for me.

The question that was raised to Abraham re: a significant other was that the person wanted to do something different career wise, yet didn’t think their “significant” other would get on board. The first thing Abraham said was that they needed to think about their “significant” other as their “insignficant” other (that was when I laughed out loud). That when we look for the approval of other people, we are not in vibration with what it is we truly want. If we place SO much emphasis on the opinion of other people, whose life are we living anyways? What I have found through much trial, error, heartache and finally peace- is that when you get in alignment with what it is that makes your heart sing (even if it’s not for the next 40 years), the people in your life (significant or otherwise), will get on board with you.

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On 11/4/08 at 10:57 am
Muge said:

Nice, thanks.

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