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Update on Hemal 11/21/08

Since I put up the information on this page a few months ago, I thought it would fun to share what’s been happening with Hemal. We’ve now done 8 teleseminars together- one was for my facebook group (The Women of Internet Marketing) called “Your Business and The Law of Attraction”. I’ll list the link below so you can download it and listen to it. It was a lot of fun (I’ve since done quite a few teleseminars for my marketing site, the latest is our series called “Getting Started with Google”. It’s all about making using all of the free resources Google provides to optimize your site).

Here’s the link for the teleseminar,  “Your Business and the Law of Attraction”


Hemal is now doing one to one coaching/teaching/working with people to help them focus on what they want and how to use the Law of Attraction in their lives. He’s a great example of the law of attraction in action and how when you stay clear and in vibrational alignment with what you want in your life, things start flowing in faster than you could have imagined.

He’s been a great friend and I could not be happier for him- which is really why I’m sharing all of this here. Even if we had not become close friends and started working on projects together, my life would simply have been better for having gotten to know him.

Here’s a link to download the latest teleseminars that Hemal and I did:


Here’s a recent blog post of Hemal’s:


The other thing also is that as you increase your focus on that which you want, your attention will go away from the things that you don’t want. As your attention grows on that which you want, by virtue of Law of Attraction it will attract more thoughts of the same as it will grow and grow and grow. When you focus on thoughts such as “I don’t want to think (or do) this”  you are still giving more of your attention to that which you don’t want, instead put your attention on what you DO WANT

Basically, as you practice focusing on more of what you do want and can create games around it and have fun, your focus will naturally increase.  Have you noticed how when you have fun focus tends to be any easier thing?  ;)

So if you are trying to attract something such as a relationship or money for example, you could create a game where you have to think of as many positive fun things about it, you could set a target of thinking of 10 things and write them down, say three times a day.  As you are writing positive things about something your vibration around it is getting purer and purer (and it should feel fun too, not ‘forced’, keep it light and fun), you are getting into alignment with it, also your focus on it is increasing more and more.

Hemal Radia of www.manifestingandlawofattraction.comTeleseminar on Law of Attraction with Hemal Radia 7/26/08

Today was the first in a series of four paid teleseminars that Hemal and I are hosting on the Law of Attraction. Hemal is actually the teacher, and I get the good fortune of being his co-host which allows me to interact with him as he’s providing the information (the man really is a wealth of knowledge!) and ask the questions which have been submitted prior to class as well as the questions which are asked live via       the web during the teleseminar.

It went great and the content was amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to pick Hemal’s brain just during conversations as we started chatting a couple of months ago and began collaborating on different projects. Here is the link to download the pdf which Hemal created for today’s teleseminar. You can still register for each teleseminar for only $20 a piece, or $50 for the entire bundle. You can also register for the first teleseminar we did two weeks ago (which was free) and download the recording. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy the material. http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com/Teleclass1_ pdf_ notes.pdf

Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

I’ve needed to update this page for quite a while now, and the Law of Attraction in action (so to speak) has solved my issue regarding what to put on this page and how to best manage it. I will be adding more content with suggestions on the Law of Attraction, authors, events, etc., but first thought I would share a bit of how this has worked in my own life recently.

I’ve been working on a few different projects, all web related, as I’m in the process of getting my own online marketing company up and running. I had gotten involved with Facebook earlier this year as a way of using Social Networking to grow your business. I participated in a blog writing class sometime in May, and went about ‘friending’ everyone else in the class /private group. Through this one activity, I have met a two amazing people who are not only becoming great friends, but we’re working on projects that will benefit all of us (not to mention one is in the UK, and one is in Texas….pretty fun!). I’ll be co-hosting a teleseminar next Saturday, July 12th, with one of these friends, Hemal Radia. Hemal has a wonderful blog on manifesting and the law of attraction. He just recently shared an article about the law of attraction and money, and it think it will probably resonate with a lot of people.

Here’s the link:


If you stop by the blog, be sure to share your thoughts with Hemal. I’m sure he’d love to know what you think. Sign up for his newsletter too- he always has a lot of great information as well as useful suggestions to share.

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