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This was one of those books that I literally could not put down…..and was sad to finish! I read the book a couple of years ago and got so caught up in it that I remember sitting on the couch at my parents house over the holidays- all the kids running around, cooking in the kitchen- typical holiday noise, but I was able to tune it all out and stay focused on this book (I’m not one of those people who can read with music on….unless it’s instrumental). So, needless to say I was really excited when I saw that this movie was coming out.

What made it really great was that I was able to take my daughter with me to see the movie (I knew she wouldn’t be up for reading the book just yet…..she’s still a little more focused on The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants…). The movie was great, certainly not a disappointment, but not as good as the book (but then again, they never really are). Queen Latifah did a great job as May Boatwright, I love watching anything she does, but this was a great role for her. I haven’t watched anything with Dakota Fanning in a few years, and she’s definitely growing into a great actress. There were a couple of different parts of the movie when my daughter (who is only 11) turned to me because she didn’t understand what was going on (like when the young boy, Zachary has to enter the theater in a door marked ‘colored’ as opposed to the front entrance). I realized how important it is that she (and my son) see movies like this. (Next up is The Express….).

The music that accompanies the film just puts you in the south too (I may have to take a look at the soundtrack). Alicia Keyes was wonderful (I kept trying to figure out if she was singing any of the soundtrack songs). Jennifer Hudson and Sophie Okonedo were fantastic too. My biggest recommendation is to read the book and bring some Kleenex to the theater- it’s definitely a tear jerker!

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