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The Self Help Chick


Initially when I decided to do this site, I figured I would just write about the things I read, watched, practiced,listened to, etc. But as I started getting into the content and what I wanted to do…..things just sort of took on a life of their own. Another site that has been in the works and which grew out of a facebook group I created with my good friend Lesley Johnston is http://www.thewomenofinternetmarketingblog.com That facebook group and the blog came from realizing that within the internet marketing industry, there seems to be far more men than women and I know there are a ton of amazing women out there with great businesses and talents that need to be shared. There are a few other sites up, but aren’t quite where I want them to be yet, but I’ll post them here soon.  I thought I would use this More About page to share information on the other things I’m doing in my life, in regards to business or whatever else comes to mind!


I’ve written a couple of posts in this site about the teleseminars I’m doing with Hemal Radia. Hemal has a blog- http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com. Hemal and I just met about five months ago (through a blog writing class on facebook) and in a short time have become great friends and collaborated on a couple of projects such as the teleseminars. I’m just his co-pilot on these, but am so fortunate to be working with him and learning from him. I’ll keep you posted on my own teleseminars coming up in the future- but if you’re interested in what I’ve done with Hemal, visit his site. I should have the download of the first teleseminar available on this site shortly.

Web Design /development

This is what has surprised me the most! I am now developing sites for other people as well as helping/teaching other people how to get their own websites up. Some people want me to build the whole thing, and others just want a little help but intend to manage it themselves. I’m not too worried about where this is going. The right people really just keep showing up! What’s crazy about this is the passion I feel for what I’m doing. Other than my eyes getting a bit tired or my neck getting stiff….I literally have zero complaints. After the sites are up and running, and with the clients permission, I’ll post some links to the some of the sites.The company I’ve created to host this aspect of my business will have a site up soon, so that link is coming as well. I also have two other sites in development as well as another blog. I’ll be using the other blog (which is http://www.thewordpresschick.com…not to full yet) to show people how to set up their own Wordpress site- whether you use it as a blog or a CMS (content management system). Keep your eye out for that video….it’ll be posted here soon.

Here are a few of the sites that I’ve done:








Membership Site

This is something that I kind of have to keep a little hush hush about right now. I’m developing a membership site with Lesley Johnston of http://www.thewomenofinternetmarketingblog.com. We also met on facebook, but it was through a women’s group on building your list w/social networking. Lesley started this group (not too long ago), and sent me a really nice message when I joined, so I sent her one back and here we are. A few months later and I’ve created another group on facebook, we’ve got a website in development (should launch by the 1st of January) and I’ve got another great reason to visit England (Hemal was the first reason). I’m sure this is the first of many projects Lesley and I will be working on together- just as the teleseminars are the first of many projects I intend to do with Hemal.

Live Seminar

This is planned for sometime in September. It will be in the city where I live, but I’ll post more details as soon as I have them. I’ve always wanted to do public speaking and love what I’m doing online, so why not combine them? When I look back to January, of this year, and think about the fact that I didn’t have any websites up at all…..I truly sit back in awe and gratitude. So, if I can do this, I know I can show other people how to do it as well. Whether you have an offline business and need a website or just want to create an online business of your own- I want to show you how.


Aaah…the creative juice behind all of this! I’m not sure to what end I intend to develop this aspect of the business (I think I might have enough to do for now….), but being able to develop the graphics that clients or friends need for their sites as well as their digital products, simply makes me happy. I’ve always been pretty creative- I get to feed that part of me through both the creation of the sites and in the creation of the graphics.

Here’s an example of some of the graphics I’m doing:

Social Networking

Regardless of what anyone has told you- these sites aren’t just for kids! I have met so many amazing & wonderful people through these sites (as well as re-connecting with some long lost friends). You can check out what’s going on through any of these links:

facebook: http://profile.to/kimdoyal

twitter: http://twitter.com/kimdoyal

friendfeed: http://friendfeed.com/kimdoyal

Ok- that’s good for now. I have to finish up here. I’ll add the rest later. Make sure if you stop by to add me as a friend or follow me! Don’t know what I’m talking about?Click on any of my profile links and find out!

Hmm….I guess that’s it for now! Keep coming back to this page as I’ll be updating it with some photos of websites and new links to check out what’s happening.

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