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This was the next thought in the “Ten Thoughts for Whole Living” section of the September issue of Body & Soul magazine. Here’s the next thought: “Becoming aware of your habits is key to an intentional life”. As I read this thought, I realized which habits I was very aware of and which habits I habitually ignore.  One habit (although I don’t know if it’s a habit or a pattern…..hmm) that I need to become aware of is when I have a ton of things that I need to do (and want to do) and I start borrowing trouble. I can feel the tightening inside of me as I begin thinking this needs to be done, I want to do this, I’d rather do this, etc. When I do become consciously aware of the fact that I’m doing this, there are two things that always help.

The first thing is just to take a few deep breaths and sit with whatever it is that I’m feeling at the moment. When I can physically feel that I’ve calmed down inside a bit, the second thing I do is just to take SOME sort of action re: what needs to be done. I just did this today. I have a lot of websites I’m working on, projects around the house and a paper due for a class I’m taking. I came into my office, cleaned up the ’shrapnel’ from last week (unopened mail, lists, magazines, etc.), re-did my to-do list and am now comfortably working and not overwhelmed at all. Just getting everything down on paper has made me realize that’s it’s not as much as I thought, and the added bonus to living an intentional life is that nothing I’m doing ever feels like work.

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