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I know I’m not the first person to come up with “Inspired Action’, but it hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. I was talking with a friend tonight about someone else I know who is getting involved in online marketing. I’ve been talking with this person for a couple of months and know exactly how they feel. When I started on this journey a couple of years ago (I didn’t do a whole lot until the beginning of this year), I was in the exact same spot as this person. There’s SO much information available and so many different directions you can go in, it’s hard not to want to jump on every opportunity, ebook, teleseminar, or product launch that comes your way. This is sort of where this individual is. They’re going in every direction that comes their way. I’m not doing that anymore.I’ve realized that the difference for me now is that everything I do feels like ‘Inspired action’.

There’s a big difference between activity and productivity. Personally, I’m sort of a fan of both. When it comes to starting a business, both are important. Too much productivity feels like a JOB though….not what I’m looking for anymore.  I’m hardly against hard work, but when what you’re doing doesn’t feel like work, you know that it’s because you feel inspired to do whatever it is you’re doing. I never feel like I have to “motivate” myself anymore. Motivation is external and inspiration is internal. Everything I’m doing is coming from within. The next thing I have to figure out is how to walk away when I’m feeling this “inspired”. There are plenty of times when I could keep working, but I know that keeping a balance is key to staying inspired. I’m still working on this, but I know I’m getting there.

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