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You always know as a parent that you want your kids to be happy, and of course when they’re happy, you’re happy. As my kids get older, the moments of pure joy seem to less easy to come by…(not many 11 year olds get as excited about being able to say :”I did it! All by myself!”….the way they did when they were 3) It’s a little easier with my 7 year old, but with school, sports and friends, they get just as caught up in their own day to day doings as adults do. So being able to watch them these past few days has been pure joy for them AND me!

We’re currently in Maui, so it’s not too hard to have a good time here, even if we’re not doing much. We planned this trip months ago with my parents, so it seems a bit surreal that we’re finally here. I’ve taken my kids to the beach before, but it’s in Northern California, so the water isn’t quite as nice as it is in Maui. The first day we were here was absolutely wonderful! I still can’t decide if the kids had more fun in the surf or I did, just watching them SO happy! Watching them get pounded by the waves, then get up, laughing, and then going back for more….pure joy! Yesterday we went to a different beach, with boogie boards (and snorkels) and they did the same thing, only for longer and with bigger waves. The first night after the beach and dinner, I couldn’t find my son (in the condo), only to realize he had put himself to bed because he was SO worn out. Last night he passed out on the couch. Nothing beats a happy, exhausted child after a day playing in the ocean. Pure joy. And I’m so grateful to be able to witness it.

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