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So I had a TOTALLY proud mom moment that I just had to share. I took my son with me to turn in a bunch of recycling last weekend (I finally broke down and decided to turn in our cans and water bottles…$40!).  I had foot surgery a few weeks ago, so I needed him to help me get the bags out of the car. As I kept our place in line, he went and got all the bags out of the car (my little man….he’s 7 years old) like a trooper. The day we took the recycling in it was super hot (I believe it was over 100 degrees) and the poor guy running the recycling center was totally roasting, and it was only 10:30 am). I mentioned to my son that we should go get the guy something to drink when we were done. A few minutes later, my son looked up to me and said “I have my water bottle in the car and I haven’t opened it yet, can I give it to him?” I gave him the car keys and he went and got the water bottle, which totally made this guy’s day. Then as the recycling guy was pushing some of the garbage cans back to the customers to put their recycling into, he accidentally knocked over a small garbage can with all the plastic lids from the plastic bottles in it. My son just ran over and started picking them up for him! I was in awe of his simple acts of kindness and could not have been prouder.

After we were done, we went into the grocery store to get our cash and decided to buy a big water and gatorade to take back to the recycle guy. I had my son get out and give him both the bottles. He was so appreciative! Seeing the look on my son’s face throughout each of these actions was worth it’s weight in gold. For the rest of the day he was in a place that I can’t even explain. What I do know is that he made the connection between giving and how good it feels and that was reward enough for me. This was one of those moments that I’ll carry with me whenever I doubt myself as a parent or am about to get upset about something that isn’t really important with the kids, and it’ll put me in a place that is indescribable also.

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One Response to “Raising kind kids”

On 09/12/08 at 4:28 am
Suzy said:

I don’t even know you, but you must be an amazing mom! Chris would be proud of you both!!

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