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What do you do when you are moving in the right direction in your own life, but things around you seem to be going off in a million different directions? Staying grounded seems to be one of my biggest challenges. I have found that it is something that I have to consciously work at every day. I’ve started listening to a meditation that someone else did with me/for me everyday. It helps to remind me that when other people in my life have their own challenges to deal with, I’m actually more help to them when I’m firmly planted in my own life, living on purpose and creating as much positive energy for myself. Sometimes we can’t do anything to help the people we love other than be there for them. And if we’re in a positive, loving place in our own lives- our energy is much more beneficial to them than it would be if we were commiserating with them, trying to solve what’s going on or questioning what is happening. Of course, this has sort of been another one of those ‘brick upside the head’ moments for me this week. As I’ve watched someone I love struggle through a major challenge in their own life, I’ve found that I’m of SO much more service to them when I’m coming from this place. I’m able to listen more with my heart (as opposed to my head) and everything I say is coming from a place of love as opposed to fear or anger that they have to be going through this.

In doing the meditation that I mentioned above, the last thing that I hear is something I say to myself pretty much all day long- and thought I would share it here: “I am capable and competent, and all that I do is enough. For I am in right order with the unseen and my highest self.” What sticks out most to me about this line is – All That I Do Is Enough. This stays with me all day, especially when I think I should be doing something else or something more (whether for someone else, around the house, for work, etc.). What we do is enough, when it comes from a place of love.

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