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You know you’re not taking the time for yourself when the little things start creeping up on you and getting under you skin. The day started out really well because I DID take some time for myself- I went and did pilates after dropping the kids off, then went home and got to work. I got a lot accomplished even before I picked the kids up (today was an early day, so pick up was at 1:00pm). It started more in the afternoon- when the phone started ringing off the hook! While I’m usually a “phone” person- for some reason it started making me a little crazy today. Clearly the notion that I don’t HAVE to answer the phone hasn’t sunk in yet. Because my business is picking up and I work from home, I can definitely see that I need to start taking my own advice and making sure that I take some time for myself and set some limits each day.

For some reason it was a little easier during the summer to take an hour out of my day and lay in the pool and read a book. As the weather starts cooling off and I’m getting busier, I think I’m going to have to unplug the phone once in a while and make sure I shut down the work and turn on my personal life (they seem to be getting a little mixed up). Maybe it’s because I have never enjoyed what I’ve done the way I do now (it really never feels like work). But in order to make sure it doesn’t start feeling like work, I clearly need to set some limits. I think I’ll start right now…..by going to bed.

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