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I’m sure this post is going to make many people think I’m either living in a hole or just plain ignorant. Of course I’m neither….I am just not interested in hearing one more thing about how bad the economy is. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of how hard it is for many people. There are a ridiculous amount of houses sitting empty with yellow front lawns in the city I live in, but there are also a lot of beautiful green lawns and front doors with beautiful fall wreaths on them.

I guess my point is just that complaining and reiterating how miserable the economy is won’t change a single thing. For the most part I don’t watch the news or read anything that’s a reminder as to how hard things are….everywhere. I will read uplifting and positive news pieces (although they’re just a tad harder to find). Interesting isn’t it that when gas was almost $4 /gallon this past summer it was on the news constantly. It’s now under $3, but no one says much. And honestly, as hard as it was to pay the almost $4 a gallon, that’s still no where near what it costs in Europe or Canada.

I’m hardly saying we should bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is perfect, but what I am saying is if you decide to look for what is good in your life, I think you’ll find it simply feels better to be grateful.

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