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Self help Audio review of:

Money, and the Law of Attraction

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This is probably one of my favorite Abraham-Hicks audio’s so far. I love listening to everything they’ve done, but obviously some resonate more with me than others. What I like so much about this CD collection is that it has both Jerry & Esther Hicks (Abraham) on the recording. It is set up so that Jerry asks the questions, then Abraham (Esther) responds. I know this might sound pretty basic, but many of the audio’s I have of their’s are strictly with Jerry on the recording. I love all of their material, but after a while I find I sort of tune Jerry’s voice out. It’s also set up so that each question is a new track on the CD- so if what I’m listening to isn’t relevant to me at that time, I can skip that particular track.

The subtitle of this book/audio  is “Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness”.  The questions that are asked in this book are SO relevant to what’s going on in my life right now- it’s great. It seems that I can understand so much of the law of attraction, yet it takes a little more time for me to really “feel” it. The more I listen to this, the more I am able to feel it. I realized as my business has started shifting in a different direction that it’s because of the way I’m feeling about the different things I’m doing.

This is a great audio collection for anyone interested in the Law of Attraction as it relates to money and abundance.

Manifest Your Destiny

By Dr. Wayne Dyer

I think I got this audio/cd set about 10 years ago. It was one of the first audio’s I purchased by Wayne Dyer and listened to it more times than I can even remember. For anyone who liked ‘The Secret’,  this is the same message, but on a spiritual level and less about manifesting new cars or relationships (I’m not knocking ‘The Secret’, but you have to admit a lot of the emphasis was on manifesting the material things we desire). One of the things that sticks out the most to me about this program is when he talks about being an “environed organism”….initially when I heard this, I was kind of thinking…”huh?” But, it’s basically the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the othe way around.

He also talks about using the Japa mediation. There is a meditation for the morning and one for the evening. The morning meditation uses the word (or sound), “ah” and the evening meditation uses the word (or sound) “om”. I have the meditation, and I can’t say that I use it as often as I’d like to (I think it’s about 15-20 minutes each), but it definitely helps. Actually any meditation helps me because I know I need to just be still more often than I am.

This audio was the first time I had ever heard the concept of manifesting what it is you desire. I don’t think he uses the words, The Law of Attraction, but it’s exactly what he’s talking about. It’s really about being in vibrational harmony with everything you desire. If you like Wayne Dyer and the Law of Attraction resonates with you at all-  you’ll love this audio.

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