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So we had the second teleseminar today (by we I mean Hemal, of http://manifestingandlawofattraction.com), which is really more like Hemal having a teleseminar, where I get the opportunity to ask the questions and more or less be his co-pilot. Today was really about the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction, and what I realized is that it all really comes down to the way you feel. Not to simplify things (which usually I don’t….I’m better at over thinking things..)but when Hemal was giving examples of your thoughts and how to change them as well as the bigger picture, softening and focusing, etc. (there’s a link on the Law of Attraction page to a free pdf download Hemal created for today’s class), I realized that it all just keeps coming back to the way you feel.

In the post I made the other day about coming back from vacation and feeling out of sorts- I realized what I was feeling and basically just put it aside. I went about my day, same intentions (building the business, getting back on schedule) and just kept moving forward. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was ‘pretending’ to feel it, but I just sort of put the blinders on and went about doing what needed to be done…not worrying about how I was feeling.

The next morning, the universe provided exactly what I needed to put me back in a place where I was more or less feeling unstoppable! I spent the first 4 1/2 hrs. of the day on the phone (with Lesley in England and Pete in Canada….creating great things to come and learning amazing things with Photoshop!). I also realized (thank you Hemal), that working with these wonderful people I’m meeting isn’t about accountability as much as it is a motivating factor for me. When I’m collaborating with other people, I feel great. Which of course, is really what it’s all about.

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One Response to “It’s all about the way you feel”

On 07/30/08 at 12:47 pm
Hemal said:

Thanks Kim!

It’s lovely flying with you oh co-pilot!
You can see how much others love working with you and experiencing your contribution by the great posts on Facebook thanking and appreciating you and the good work you do!
Whilst others may be a motivating and sharpening force for you just imagine what you are for them too ;)

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